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Wealth Management Strategies for All Life Stages

For many people, their personal financial strategies don’t extend beyond trying to put money away in a savings account or retirement fund. While these are important first steps towards financial security, managing your wealth shouldn’t stop there. As investors, we understand the power of compounding, and believe that delivering sound financial advice (the earlier the better) pays large future dividends.

Wealthspring Financial Partners aims to help you accelerate your personal financial growth through a robust, tax-focused wealth management strategy. Our team of experienced financial planners offers you the support and guidance you need for all aspects of your financial plan, including the following.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

When will you be able to retire? How do you know if your savings will last through your retirement? What happens if you have unexpected expenses in retirement? 

These are all common concerns for those approaching their retirement years, and if you don’t have a clear retirement plan, they can be difficult questions to answer. Wealthspring helps you build a structured, purposeful retirement plan that can offer you the peace of mind you need, and allow you to retire your way, without compromises.

Investment Planning

Investment Planning

There’s a lot of cookie-cutter investment advice out there, but successful investing goes far beyond “buy low, sell high.” Our investment planners take into consideration your personal risk tolerance, time horizon, tax implications, and other important factors to develop an investment plan that’s tailored to your individual needs. Our investment strategies are focused on reducing risk, minimizing tax liability, and promoting long-term growth to help provide you with a more secure financial future.



Insurance can be complicated. We have the in-depth knowledge and experience to make sure you only use insurance products to best fit your risk profile. Whether it is life insurance, annuities, or long-term care, we will help de-mystify the many options and help you choose the most appropriate products to protect you and those you care about.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

At Wealthspring, we know that your finances aren’t just about you—they’re about your family. We help our clients to create comprehensive financial strategies that plan for their own futures, as well as the futures of their loved ones. Our goal is to help you leave behind the legacy you desire, and to give you the peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for, no matter what may happen.

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Meet Our Wealth Services Team

Damien Paumi

Damien J. Paumi, CFP®, AIF® CRPC, CPFA®

Managing Member and Wealth Management Advisor

Diane DeOliveira

Diane DeOliveira, CFP®, AIF®, CRPS®

President and Wealth Management Advisor

Stephen Galli

Stephen Galli, CFP®, CPWA®

Chief Investment Officer

Anna Perasso

Anna Perasso

Managing Director of Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Berge Avedisian

Berge Avedisian

Wealth Management Advisor

Bruce Hesse

Bruce S. Hesse, CPA, PFS

Wealth Management Advisor

Mary Anne Bohlinger

Mary Anne Bohlinger, CPA, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

Rhina Rodriguez

Rhina M. Rodriguez

Wealth Management Assistant

Richard Byank

Richard D. Byank Jr., CFP®, ChFC®, APMA®, CRPC®

Managing Director of Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Let’s Grow Your Wealth—Together

We care deeply about our clients and their financial success. It’s our goal to help you grow your wealth, pursue your goals, and gain confidence in your financial future. We can help you manage your debt, and grow your assets, with an eye towards reaching your goals even sooner. Let Wealthspring become your personal financial partner, and start on the path towards the future you envision.

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